mardi 16 février 2016

Illustrations for a short story : The Gateway

The world beyond the gate (detail)

The Gateway is a science-fiction short story I wrote some years ago now. In fact, I wrote a number of versions of this story, maybe seven or more, like I do in my most usual way. This story is immoral in the sense that the bad character is the hero (kind of "hero as a wild wolf's story"). Normally, he should have the antagonist part; but here, it's the reverse. In a broader sense, if you think hard a minute, it's perfectly moral. The process is not very original, and is not intended for, but sticks to the hard-boiled atmosphere. In addition of the dark romance aspect, there's an amazing story if you think it's told by a doppelgänger (I think so). Finally, you have the science-fiction viewpoint if you believe in space cracks, star-gates and all that stuff.
As for the text, there are several versions of the painting, sharing the same title as the story (it's not always the text which comes the first). This one—see above and below—is my favorite.

The short story is available here.